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Earth farm
Agromatic 755
Agromatic 760
Agromatic 765
Additional equipment
Fur breeding
Minkomatic DLA 560
Minkomatic 572-574 DLA
Minkomatic 660-670 DLA
Minkomatic 805-810 DLA
Norcar 744
Norcar 760
Norcar 765

About company


UAB "AGROmasinos" represents finnish company Norcar BSB.

Norcar BSB was founded in1979. The company manufactures various types of transporter, automated industrialmachinery and products for farming.
 Norcar BSB is located in western part of Finland, in town called Nykarleby. Since 1998. products are very popular in agriculture and other spheres.With MINCOMATIC brand products are for fur animals growers. Also the company manufactures equipment for fur handling and water systems.




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